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Over 200 photos taken by 57 photographers take us on a colourful journey showing the colours of Orthodoxy in Poland seen through the photo lenses and hearts of the photographers. You can see churches, religious customs, colourful and respected personae connected with Orthodox faith: clergy and believers. We are starting with Poland but we hope that COLOURS OF ORTHODOXY will become a series of exhibitions showing Orthodox faith worldwide.

exhibition in your city

If you have checked our shedule and there is no your city on list, you can help exhibition to be delivered to your town. It could be done in two ways:

1. You can ask the local organiser (check on contact page local organizer for your country) to be incuded in the shedule and agree on dates. You will be responsible to deliver the exhibiton, organize pklace invite guests and take care about photos. More details you will receive from local organizer.

2. You can make a new version of the exhibition
Send email and you will receive detailed instructions. There are two options: one is to receive CD with original file for printing and second is to ask local organizer to help with printing.

There is some more options - we can discuss about if you will be interested to know them. If there is no local organizer in your country please write to this address and we will think what is possible to do to bring exhibition to your place: exhibition@orthphoto.net


The A3 version of our exhibition includes dozens of boards with single photos, captions and copyright titles from the portal Orthphoto.net. The charts present the various areas of activity, architecture and historical heritage of the Orthodox Church in Poland.


Exhibition A0 contains 30 boards with a main photo and several photographs each, showing various areas of activity, architecture and historical heritage of the Orthodox Church in Poland. Photographs are enhanced by few sentences of description.


The exhibition "Colours of Orthodoxy. Poland" is accompanied by promotion of the album of the same title. The album contains more over one hundred photos with polish orthodox churches, believers and traditions.


For opening ceremony of each exhibition "Colours of Orthodoxy. Poland" will be available CDs with photocast presenting life of the Orthodox Church in Poland.


The CD with the photocast contains selected songs of Orthodox music sing by Polish choirs, recorded by Jan Smyk. Choirs are different: children, youth, parish and monastic, civilian and military. The songs and bells sung in Polish churches and belfries. It is like sound COLORS Orthodoxy. POLAND.



promotional materials



The project is co-funded by the Department of Public and Cultural Diplomacy Ministry of Foreign Affairs Republic of Poland  ("Cooperation within the Public Diplomacy 2013").

This project would not be possible without the help of:
Marshal of Podlaskie Voivodeship
Municipality of the city Bialystok
Foundation Dialogue between Nations

company Adampol
company Unibep

Thank you very much!

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If you want to support us, please follow instruction on: http://orthphoto.net/donation.php

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