Patriarch of Romania saw the exhibition “Colours of Orthodoxy. Poland”

 Presented pictures have a great artistic value. We can easily notice the interwinding Light of God’s Grace reflected in human faces and light and beauty of the surrounding nature. It is a common, characteristic element of the exhibition: the transformed nature, the creation open to the God’s Kingdom, the human union with the all-present God, not only in a church, but outside as well. In the nature and landscapes that pilgrims pass by on their way.

The Patriarch admitted that Romania should organize a similar exhibition as well, especially for the numerous Romanian diaspora. We have to remind about our beautiful monasteries to those that are already familiar with them. We also have to show to the youth, especially the ones born abroad, the most beautiful pictures from our Romanian monasteries, churches and cathedrals. They ought toknow them since youth.

On this occasion, Fr Mikolaj Descalu, the president of the Press Center of the Patriarchate of Romania, presented Patriarch Daniel with an album “Colours of Orthodoxy. Poland”. The album is available in three language versions: Polish, English and Russian.

Dominika Kovačević